Meridian M6 loudpeakers announced at CES

High-end audio system from Cambridge-based Meridian

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Meridian, known for their premium high-tech audio-systems have once again pushed the boat out and come up with these stealthy speakers for the living room

Meridian have just unveiled their brand-new M6 loudspeakers, their most complete audio solution yet for the home taking into account Meridians long heritage of design while also making it functional.

Boasting an all-new design the M6 is unique in that the central column is constructed from a specially-developed barium-doped resin. What you end up with is a heavy but ultimately rigid structure enabling the M6 to disperse the sound in such a precise way that they can easily fill a room.

Because of its compartmental design all the different ranges are isolated which Meridian believes then results in a clearer and more complete sound, it also happens to increase its physical volume by 'up to 8 times that of a conventional speaker'.

Out in February the Meridian M6 loudspeakers can be bought as a pair for the sum of £4,500 placing them firmly in the wishlist category of audio-systems.

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