Meet the robot that turns your sleep patterns into a work of art

Hotel chain teams up with Swedish robot firm to paint your sleep

Image 1 of 2 Ibis Hotel sleep art
This paiting was made from T3's night at the Ibis Hotel Blackfriars
Image 2 of 2 Ibis Hotels sleep art

Forget robots that clean your house or make you mash potato for dinner, the future is all about droids that create art.

Robots do just about everything these days, from building cars to mowing lawns but hotel firm Ibis has teamed up with Swedish robotics firm Acne and creative types at BETC Digital to to put a new spin on the future, creating brand new tech that charts your sleep and uses a robotic arm to turn it into a work of art.

Special rooms in select hotels across Europe have been fitted with hi-tech bedding with eighty sensors record your ‘sleep data’ including body temperature, pressure on the mattress, sounds and vibrations.

This data is then translated into raw sleep data and fired to a robotic arm, located in Paris, that reproduces your night’s slumber in a painting, transforming each body movement into a stroke on the canvas.

Thomas Dubaere, Managing Director, Accor UK & Ireland, said: “This is a fantastic piece of technology. The artworks created will, of course, vary greatly between each guest; deep sleepers who crash out as soon as their heads hit the pillows may encourage straight and simple lines whereas light sleepers who tend to toss and turn all night long may create a piece of art that’s a little more abstract. It will be fascinating to see the completed artworks.”

Take a look at T3's unique canvas (above) and let us know if your think this new technology is likely to give Damien Hirst or Tracy Emin sleepless nights.