Nokia's MeeGo OS finally finished off

Open source platform to be folded into new Linux-based Tizen OS

MeeGo, the mobile OS touted as Nokia’s great white hope as recently as last year, has finally met its maker, with The Linux Foundation confirming it’ll be folded into a new OS, dubbed Tizen.

The open source MeeGo operating system, for so long the focus of mobile fanatics, has finally be killed off. The Linux-based operating system, once championed by Nokia and Intel as the future of phones, will be co-opted into a new OS, called Tizen.

The news comes direct from The Linux Foundation, which says that Samsung and Intel will lead the way on Tizen’s development, with stacks of other companies on board too. Panasonic, Vodafone and Telefonica have all signed up.

MeeGo most recently appeared on the sleek new Nokia N9, but its chances were always in doubt after Nokia decided to plump for Microsoft’s Windows Phone to lead its smartphone resurgence.

For what it’s worth Tizen will apparently start landing on phones, tablets and Smart TVs next year. But does the world really need another OS at a time when we’re overwhelmed with impressive options? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Engadget