MeeGo Intel Atom phone spied

Blower packing new Nokia OS spotted

5 megapixel camera round the back, plus tablet also touted.

Nokia’s MeeGo might have been pushed back into 2011, but that isn’t going to stop us getting het up about any tidbits regarding the spanking new OS.

The latest gossip centres around this spy shot, snapped over in Russia, which shows a phone made by unknown gadget purveyor Hi/Lo Vibrant. As well as clearly coming with MeeGo on board, word is it also packs in an Intel Atom processor. That would certainly make sense seeing as MeeGo is a joint venture between the chip maker and Nokia.

The phone also rocks a 5 megapixel camera. And what’s more, the Russian journo who saw it also said he caught sight of a MeeGo tablet too. Now that’s a tasty bit if gossip.

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Via Engadget