Mediaset launches on-demand 3DTV streaming service

World's first on-demand 3D film service goes live

Milan-based network Mediaset provide terrestrial viewers with access to 50 3D films.

Italian TV network Mediaset has launched a new service that enables viewers to watch 3D films via a terrestrial broadcast.

The service, known as 3DTV, what Mediaset describes as a ‘world first’ as well as a ‘major step forward’, is not without a catch. The system, that runs on Bestv set-top-boxes offered by Motive, ‘trickles’ data onto a hard drive throughout the day to avoid a sudden rush of data.

Giuseppe Flores d'Arcais, co-founder of Bestv and director of Motive said: “Trickling small amounts of data allows the broadcaster to extract the maximum value out of any under-used bandwidth. Typically broadcasters transmit up to seven TV channels in what is known as a "multiplex".”

He continued: "Within a multiplex you will always have different kinds of content. So on one channel you may have a soccer match that requires a lot of bandwidth, maybe on another channel you may have a cartoon or news bulletin. Within multiplexing you can always find some free space, even during primetime.”

A notification will indicate that the film is ready to be watched and can be done so without lag or any breaks in transmission, the only problem being that it may take a while before this is possible.

It is claimed by Mediaset that around 50 3D films are available for viewing.

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