Medal of Honor tops 1.5 million

Just five days to hit sales landmark

Controversial title clearly proving popular despite "Taliban" concerns.

Medal of Honor’s controversial couple of weeks have clearly not affected sales, with the controversial new title selling a massive 1.5 million copies globally in just five days.

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While that doesn’t come near rival Modern Warfare 2’s opening day, when it sold almost 5 million in the UK and US alone, it’s still an impressive achievement. The game has hit the headlines thanks to the fact you can play as the “Opposing Force” in Afghanistan, following the events of September 11. EA had to change the name of the enemy from the Taliban after intense pressure.

Still, it seems the media coverage has only help pique interest. Those who have bought the game and registered its online pass will now get the first set of downloadable content for free.

EA is understandably chuffed, claiming fans have “embraced it”. How about you? Have you bought Medal of Honor? Or does its use of the Taliban take things too far? Tell us on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.