MC Hammer launches search engine WireDoo

Hammer Time! The 90s popstar has unveiled his very own search engine

Well here's a sentence we never thought we'd write: MC Hammer is taking on Google with his own search engine, called WireDoo. Yes, you read that right. MC Hammer. Search engine. WireDoo. We've just triple-checked our calendar and it's not April 1st. The "Can't Touch This" star unveiled WireDoo at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, along with the slogan: "Search once and see what's related."

"I thought it would be interesting to share one of the things I was working on," the large-trousered one said. "It's not an attempt to reinvent search. You can always make things better.

"We were working on what we could do with data to make it better. I'll be careful when I say that - I just saw Sergei [Brin, Google co-founder] in the back."

WireDoo is based on 'relationship' searches, so if you searched for a car you could choose related models, mileage, insurance, price, and dealerships nearby.

"The real question is should it be more than just keywords and those ten blue links?" Hammer said.

Well that's one question.

Via: Daily Mail.