Maxis releases Simcity 5 patch

Fixes traffic, emergency vehicle and bulldozing issues

Fixes traffic, emergency vehicle and bulldozing issues

Maxis has released a new patch for Simcity 5 that aims to address a number of problems, including traffic, emergency vehicles, and building demolition.

Other than the complaints focusing on the online nature of the game and the issue with servers, there have also been a number of problems with traffic and bulldozing of buildings.

The new patch, Maxis has said, will improve AI decisions when choosing the quickest route to take when faced with heavy traffic. It will also improve the AI governing emergency vehicles, such as preventing two of the same type being sent to the same incident.

The patch will also fix the issue of some building assets, such as yard features and fences, from being bulldozed.

The company is also launching a second server for Asia – Asia 2 – today.