Mature Star Wars 1313 game to premiere at E3

Sith just got serious …

With Star Wars Kinect being the latest Star Wars title this couldn't be more of a leap as LucasArts explores the dark, criminal side of a Galaxy far, far away..

LucasArts have announced plans to release a new adult-themed Star Wars game for PC and console's: Star Wars 1313. The surprise announcement is part of a bigger reveal coming next week at E3 2012.

Star Wars 1313 promises a lethal, mature-themed, third-person adventure that takes place deep underground in the lawless world beneath the planet Coruscant.

The story follows a bounty hunter who is surrounded by criminal conspiracy, unable to use the force he must instead rely on human skills and a good selection of powerful alien gadgetry and weaponry in order to survive.

Putting emphasise on the fast-paced combat and the ‘epic set pieces’ the game should reveal a new layer to the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.

Despite sounding reminiscent to 2002’s Bounty Hunter, developers are confident, saying that what they plan to showcase at next week’s E3 conference in Los Angeles will ‘speak for itself’.

With little known about the game or how far through development it is, it is possible this could be one of the first games to be announced for a next-generation console such as the Xbox 720 or Nintendo Wii U.