Marshall to rock out with its own Android phone

"The loudest mobile phone on Earth"

Rock legend and guitar amp guru Marshall has come up with its own Android phone, which it claims “might just be the loudest mobile phone on Earth”.

Rather than just being a generic Android phone with the Marshall logo slapped on the back, it does look as though this Android, called the Marshall London, might be a top pick for audio nuts.

First of all, it uses a good-quality Wolfson WM8281 DAC to make the most of high-quality digital audio files.

Then there are the speakers. The Marshall London has two front-facing speakers, although we’ll have to wait to see whether they’re better than the HTC One M9’s pair. Apparently they’re 13 mm x 18 mm in size, which seems large for a phone.

The London is also one of the only phones we’ve come across with share-happy dual headphone jacks, each with their own volume control. They’re old-fashioned dials too. No volume buttons here.

Finally, it has dual MEMS microphones to let you record loud audio without that ugly clipping sound you get with most phones.

Aside from the music angle, though, this is no Galaxy S6-worrier. It has a relatively small 4.7in 720p screen, Snapdragon 410 CPU and 8-megapixel main camera.

It doesn’t look like it’ll come cheap, either. A Swedish Krona pre-order price of 4995 equates to £370. That’s a lot of cash for a phone of this size and power. Those speakers has better be good.

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