Mango renamed Windows Phone OS 7.5

Microsoft officially changed their upcoming OS upgrade

Get used to calling Mango by another name

Mango, the upgrade for Windows Phone 7, is now officially a numbered release: Windows Phone 7.5.

While the upgrade with codename Mango was revealed at Microsoft's MIX11 event, the name has officially been changed to Windows Phone 7.5.

Microsoft announced the name change on the Microsoft Partner Network, where it wrote: "Preview the New Windows Phone OS 7.5".

The upgrade is supposed to bring multi-tasking to aid with instant swapping between apps. Mango, now rechristened Windows Phone 7.5, was to follow the NoDo update.

The upgrade also brings native support for music players from both the browser and apps, which finally allows apps such as Spotify to continue playing tracks in the background.

Windows Phone OS 7.5 is expected to be released this autmn.

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Via: TechWatch