Make Something Unreal winners announced

Make Something Unreal video game contest winners announced

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Make Something Unreal, the game making competition organised by Epic Games, has been won by Dead Shark Triplepunch

Epic Games has unveiled the winner of its Make Something Unreal video game making competition. This year's winning game is a team shooter/ball game hybrid called Epigenesis made by Dead Shark Triplepunch of the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Polymorph by Kairos Games of Staffordshire University, came second.

The Make Something Unreal judging panel was made up of some of the gaming industry's leading voices including Epic's Mike Gamble, Fable creator Peter Molyneux and UKIE CEO Joe Twist. T3's own Deputy Editor Matt Hill (pictured slightly to the right of Peter Molyneux) was also a judge.

"The winner was a fairly unanimous decision, across the judging panel and the public," said Hill. "While all the games had promise, and could all be commercially viable products in time, Epigenesis was the one game that I wanted to play right now in its current form."

"Uncompromising in approach and rewarding experimentation, I can imagine its unique combination of Unreal Tournament-style FPS chaos and Speedball-esque futuristic fun capturing the imaginations of LAN parties and e-sports enthusiasts in no time, and having five-on-five multiplayer running so smoothly in a live environment was incredibly impressive. It's practically ready for a beta release as is."

"That said, I have a bit of a soft spot for mate-em-up Beings, which has the beginnings of something great but needs more focus and polish to become the 3DS version of Tokyo Jungle it so clearly wants to be. All teams should be proud of themselves, though, I was incredibly impressed at the overall quality, and I fully expect to see all of them released sooner rather than later."

Epigenesis's win means that the team of Dead Shark Triplepunch developers will be given a commercial license to use the Unreal Engine 3, as well as access to the Unreal Engine 4 for future use.