MacFormat launches design-your-own app comp

Entrant's app design realised by top developer

Top UK developer, MacFormat and Tap! team up to realise amateur app designer dreams.

Would-be app millionaires big on ideas but small on technical skill will get their shot at Angry Birds-style riches with a competition from new App-centric magazine Tap! and MacFormat.

Entrants are being asked to jot down their ideas for their very own iPhone gaming app and send them over to the mag staffers for judgement. The winning entrant will have their app dreams realised by top UK indy developer Neon Play, and see their pockets lined with a tasty 25% of the profits.

Reckon you've got the creative wherewithal to shake up the world of iPhone gaming? You can read all the fine print and download the entry PDF from the MacFormat website.

Via: MacFormat