MacBook Air refresh imminent

Low supplies point to new-look version of size zero laptop

Super Drive goes MIA as reports of refresh gather pace.

Apple is said to be priming the MacBook Air for a refresh as soon as next week. Supplies of the super-skinny laptop are dwindling and keen Cupertino fans are also pointing to MacBook Air-only accessories being out-of-stock.

AppleInsider, which tracks Mac supplies daily, says that there’s been an ‘abnormal trend’ in MacBook Air availability for weeks, with both the high end SSD model and the cheaper HDD model harder to come by.

The Apple-focused site also says insiders at Amazon and Best Buy have told them that Apple will not be replenishing stocks until next week, 12 to 16 October, at the earliest. That suggests we could be seeing new models very soon indeed.

Other sources have also pointed to the MacBook Air SuperDrive accessory also being out-of-stock in Apple stores. Infinite Loop has a habit of unleashing refreshed Macs at this time of year, with rumours suggesting the new MacBook Air could slim down to 11.6-inches, satisfying the craving amongst Apple fanboys for a proper, pared down laptop.

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Via AppleInsider and TUAW