MacBook Air 11-inch teardown gets going

iFixit pulls new MacBook to pieces to reveal hardcore specs

Low repair score thanks to locked down access to innards.

The new MacBook Air 11-inch is undoubtedly one of the sexiest pieces of kit we’ve ever seen. But it’s not just about good looks now is it? Which is why iFixit has prised open the new slimline lappie, showing us why we should love it for what’s on the inside too.

Initial inspections of the new machine show the 64GB SSD model rocks four 16GB storage drives made by Toshiba, weighing in at just 10g, compared to the 45g hard drive used in the previous model.

It has the same Broadcom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as the MacBook Pro, while the Security Torx screws leave you in no doubt that Apple doesn’t want you opening this thing up and playing around with it.

For that reason, iFixit has stamped the new MacBook Air with a repairability score of 4/10. Like all other Apple laptops, this is a computer only hardcore geeks should try and fix without professional help.

Via MacRumors