Mac sales surge, according to report

Analyst reckons Apple computer sales up almost a quarter

Gartner Research says Apple almost in third spot when it comes to US PC sales.

Mac sales are surging across the pond according to analyst types Gartner Research. In a spanking new report, it says that Apple’s machines have powered ahead, with sales up 24 per cent in the second quarter of 2010.

That’s a vast leap and one which puts it just a few thousand behind Acer in the sales charts. HP and Dell take first and second respectively. At least Steve Jobs has something to cheer about today.

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iPad sales were not included, but Gartner reckons the tablet has had an effect on netbook sales, which would account for the likes of Dell and Acer flatlining. It appears that despite epic prices, the Mac remains the computer of choice for gadget fans.

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Via Electronista