Mac OS X Lion getting iOS style uninstalling

"Jiggling" mode heading to Macs according to latest leak

Apple has said previously that OS X Lion will be influenced by iOS.

Mac OS X Lion is edging ever closer to release. And as developers delves around its recesses, we’re starting to get a clearer idea of what to expect, including an uninstall mode taken straight from iOS.

Apps loaded up on your Mac from the Mac App Store will be able to be uninstalled by pressing and holding on their icon, with the screen going into “jiggle” mode, just like it does on the iPhone and iPad. You’ll then be able to tap the close button in the right hand corner to wipe it off of your system.

Apple has said before that OS X Lion will take its cue from iOS, as the two systems get closer in style and design. The Cupertino company has promised a summer release for its new desktop operating system.

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Via MacRumors