Mac App Store pushed back to January?

App restrictions could also apply in Apple's new emporium

Release still falls within 90 day timeframe, but hopes of pre-Christmas launch dashed.

Like us, you were now doubt counting down the hours until 13 December, when you could fire up your Mac and chow down on thousands of pricey add-ons for your OSX machine courtesy of the all-new Mac App Store.

Well kids, it’s time to put your Mac away for now. Because new inside info suggests the Mac App Store will be pushed back until January. The Loop is claiming that a source has the store’s launch will now take place in the New Year. Admittedly that falls just inside Apple’s official 90 day timeline, but it dashes hopes of an early release.

What’s more, other gossip suggests devs have been told their apps will be severely limited in the Mac App Store. Word is there will be no Game Center support, free demos or in-app purchases, putting these add-ons well behind their mobile counterparts.

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Via Engadget