Mac app news: Final Cut Pro X arrives on Mac App Store

Re-imagined video editing suite available for download

The tenth edition of the industry-standard suite is download only

Apple has released the tenth version of its Final Cut Pro video editing suite and has made it available for download from the Mac App Store.

Final Cut Pro X has been completely redesigned from top to bottom with a new magnetic video editing timeline, which allows users to edit their project without the smaller clips disappearing from view.

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There's also the neat edition of the Content Auto-Analysis tool which will arrange your shots into types of scene when you import them into the project, which should allow everyone to locate the close-up they were looking for a little more easily.

The third new feature will be the most important for impatient video editors. Final Cut Pro X now includes background rendering which means you can continue to work, while your colour adjustments, transitions and keyframes tick along behind the scenes.

It's also built using 64-bit architecture which gives it a little more power beneath the hood and means that even those professional editors using 4K resolution video shouldn't have any problems working within the suite.

Final Cut Pro X is now a download-only piece of software will cost you £179.99 and is available to download from the Mac App Store Now.

Link: Apple (via 9to5 Mac)