Lynx Stream iPhone and Android app launches

Helping you re-live your big night out

Did I really say that? Yes you did....

Deodorant makers Lynx have officially launched its Stream Mobile app for both iPhone and Android platforms helping you to piece together that boozy big night out.

The app works by pulling in all your video, pictures, texts, tweets, check-ins and status updates from you and your friends into a live stream which is then turned into a highlights video.

You can then choose to share the video through the likes of Facebook and Twitter so everyone involved can re-live the best action of the night.

If you're worried something has made into in the stream that you prefer not to share, you will have the option to edit those like it never even happened.

The Lynx Stream Mobile app is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Android Market now.

Link: Lynx Effect