Lucy Pinder reveals all as star of two new online games

British model Lucy Pinder becomes face of online games

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Lucy Pinder
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Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder becomes the face of two new online games

British model Lucy Pinder has become the face of two new online games with eager gamers encouraged to take control of the seductively clad starlet.

Following in the footsteps of Kelly Brook, Abbey Clancy and Keeley Hazell, Pinder has become the latest face of Lynx deodorant with the curvaceous sex icon set to get teenage boys across the world in a sweat as the star of two new online games.

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Dubbed Pindering, the first game allows users to literally take control of the sexy star in a number of gamer defined ‘situations’ with user commands being fulfilled by the real Pinder. The second release arcs back to the days of track and field games with users required to tap Ctrl and X simultaneously to control Pinder into revealing more.

“It’s so exciting to be the new Lynx Girl, especially on a project like this,” declared Pinder. She added: “I can’t wait to see if guys will be able to control me…”

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