LOVEFiLM update brings HD films and TV to PS3

Games console leads the charge as LOVEFiLM starts rolling out new interface

LOVEFiLM may have the edge with its postal service but it has been playing catch up with Netflix when it comes to online streaming, that could be set to change however

LOVEFiLM has announced an update to its PS3 app allowing users for the first time to watch films and TV in HD. The PS3 already supports HD gaming and boasts 3D Blu-ray functionality.

The update is part of a new interface which will be rolling out across all the devices that currently support LOVEFiLM including the iPad and Android apps.

Taking cues from Netflix's personalised homepage the PS3 LOVEFiLM app now features an improved search engine and recommendation service along with a last viewed section which lets you see what you've been watching and pick up from where you left off.

Also new is the 'Watchlist' feature which lets you create an endless playlist of content whether it's a TV series of film boxset, mimicking the watchlist that postal users currently use to make sure there's a constant stream of films arriving in the post.

With over 2 million users LOVEFiLM recently announced that it would be showcasing a number of exclusive pilots from its parent company Amazon. The pilots would then be voted on with the highest rated then going on to become a full TV series exclusively available on the online streaming service.

This isn't the first time a company has moved into exclusively streaming content, LOVEFiLM's main rival Netflix launched its own fully-funded series House of Cards and has just recently started showing a horror series Hemlock Grove.