LOVEFiLM now streaming more than postal service

LOVEFiLM Instant sees a 400 per cent increase on last year

Despite the looming presence of Netflix it appears as though LOVEFiLM is clearly riding the storm well after announcing its latest success in LOVEFiLM Instant

LOVEFiLM have announced that for the first time, as of February, the company is now seeing its customers choose streaming over postal with the former boasting a 20 per cent boost of its postal counterpart.

This equates to a 400 per cent increase over their same month last year figures, most impressively however is the news that their postal service has still managed to grow with a 25 per cent increase as well.

Despite competition from the likes of Netflix, Jim Buckle the Managing Director at LOVEFiLM believes that the company has now truly cemented its position as the leading entertainment rental service.

"The first quarter of 2012 has shown us two things: that LOVEFiLM members are watching more films and TV series both on the Internet and on DVD than ever before and; in less than three years, streaming through LOVEFiLM Instant has become more popular than renting DVDs."

Available on both mobile devices such as the Apple iPad and also on games consoles LOVEFiLM Instant allows its members to stream any films from their Instant library.