Lovefilm launches on the Wii U

Lovefilm streaming media service comes to Nintendo's Wii U console

Lovefilm's streaming media service has been launched on Nintendo's new Wii U videogames console

Lovefilm continues its march onto every single home videogames console this week, by launching on Nintendo's brand new Wii U. The streaming media service is now present on both of Nintendo's home consoles, having launched on the Wii last week.

The news means that Wii U owners can now access Lovefilm via its app - which comes pre-installed on the device - and, once logged into their account, can stream movies and TV shows in HD on their console. Lovefilm content can be viewed both through the TV and the Wii U's control pad screen, which boasts touchscreen interface capability.

Unlimited streaming packages start at £4.99, undercutting Lovefilm's closest rival, Netflix, and users get a 30-day free trial by sigining up to the service.

Lovefilm is now present on a rather impressive array of devices, including the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, Kindle Fire and iPad, along with an increasing number of Blu Ray players and connected TVs.