LOVEFiLM Instant coming to LG Smart TV

LG announces partnership to allow instant-streaming

LOVEFiLM has confirmed yet another partner for its Instant service which lets you choose from a large range of films and TV shows and stream them

LOVEFiLM has confirmed another partner with the Amazon owned company's Instant service to be making its debut on LG Smart TVs. LG have confirmed that included in all future TVs will be the LOVEFiLM Instant app which will let you stream to your hearts content.

This means that those who are subscribed to the service will be able to browse through LOVEFiLM's 5000+ collection of films and TV shows all using LG's connected TVs.

This also means that you'll be able to utilise the new Magic Remote that was showcased at CES and also search for films using the Nuance Dragon voice-recognition software that has been built-into the remote.

While already available on other TVs the idea, no doubt, is to seal the deal on their dominance of the market, especially after Netflx saw its UK release this month, offering its own streaming credentials via Xbox 360 and certain Smart TVs.

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Source: TechRadar