LoveFilm for PS3 unleashed

Recently announced app good-to-go

Forget getting DVDs in the post, now you can streams flicks on your PS3 with Lovefilm.

Last month’s news that LoveFilm was finally making its way to the PS3 had us all het up here at T3 Towers. And now, at last, the app which lets you stream from a library of 2,000 movies is finally up for grabs.

Punters who stump up for the current £5.99 a month package can get involved, as can those who pay a higher monthly fee. If you have a £9.99 bundle you can stream as many films as you like, but if you pay £5.99 you’re limited in the number of movies you can watch on your PS3.

If you use the PS3 service, it doesn’t affect your standard LoveFilm deal and you still get DVDs, Blu-rays and games in the post as normal.

And fear not, LoveFilm says that even if your broadband is as sluggish as 2Mbps, the service should work fine. The app is appearing now on your XMB, so fire up the PS3 and take a peek at what’s on offer. And don’t forget to tell us what you think of it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via TechRadar