Lost your iPhone? Don’t blame Wayne Dobson

iPhone glitch gives false GPS location for lost phones

The ‘find my iPhone’ feature can be extremely useful; relocating users who have misplaced their precious handset. However, there is one man who is definitely not a fan; Wayne Dobson

A glitch on the USA’s Sprint network means that any phones lost near Dobson’s home in Las Vegas give a false GPS location which makes them appear on the map as though they are in his house.

Within the past two years, Dobson claims he has been pestered by people at all hours of the day and night as well as being visited by the police.

“It’s very difficult to say ‘I don’t have your phone,’ in any other way than, ‘I don’t have your phone,’” Dobson said.

It all started in 2011, when a couple knocked on his door around midnight demanding he handed over their phone. “They might as well have said, ‘Give me my horse back,’” he said.

Since then, as the popularity of Apple’s handset has grown, the visits from angry people turning up at Dobson’s house demanding their phones has grown. At weekends, he has to sleep near his front door so that he can answer it quickly when owners of lost phones come knocking.

Despite being notified over two years ago, technicians from Sprint have failed to solve the problem prompting Dobson to hang a sign on his door, which says: 'NO LOST CELL PHONES! This location gives a false phone location due to a cell tower behind this home. Please contact the North Las Vegas Police and file a report. NO LOST CELL PHONES!'

Experts say they’ve not encountered the problem before, however that does little to comfort Dobson: “Lucky me, huh. I couldn’t be the multimillion-dollar winner. No. I’d rather have that problem,” he says.

So, moral of the story is; if you happen to lose your iPhone while wandering round Vegas, chances are this guy doesn't have it.

Source: Las Vegas Review