London Underground free WiFi extended by Virgin Media

72 station already online with more to come in 2013

The extension of Virgin's free WiFi on the tube is in part due to wholesale talks between Virgin Media and other ISPs who want to add the service to their broadband deals

Virgin Media have announced that they will be extending free WiFi on the London Undergroudn until the end of 2012 with a deal-based service then expanding in 2013.

The WiFi was originally intended to no longer be free after the Olympics finished but that has changed now with free WiFi access on the tube extended through the end of this year until 2013.

According to The Telegraph the turnaround is in part due to wholesale talks between Virgin Media and other ISPs who would like to include the service as part of their broadband packages for existing customers.

Virgin Media have made the free Tube WiFi a huge success with over 661,000 people online underground, with Waterloo, Victoria, King’s Cross and Oxford Circus as some of the busiest Tube stations.

There are 72 London Underground stations currently served from the ticket halls to the platforms and Virgin Media say more will be brought online before the end of the year.

The busiest day on the network to date was Friday 12th October when 1,121,637 people were online whilst on the Tube either browsing the internet, using Facebook, tweeting or sending an email.

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