London to get WiFi on the Tube for the Olympics

Whole city to be WiFi-enabled by 2012 games

Boris lays out plans for a totally WiFi-connected London by the 2012 games.

Tube-goers in London may soon be able to continue their BBM conversations and tweeting from below ground, according to plans announced by Boris Johnson this week.

Johnson's plan, announced at the State of London debate, would see WiFi hotspots installed on underground station platforms, and is part of a wider scheme to roll out WiFi accross London in time for the 2012 Olympic games. Other plans for London WiFi also include installing wireless hotspots in street lights and bus stops.

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"The truth is, I'm on the side of progress if we can possibly do it." he said. "I think people want the facility of looking at their BlackBerries [on the Tube]".

Johnson acknowledged, however, that there are major technical hurdles to overcome before YouTube on the Tube becomes a reality, not least of all the cost. "There are big difficulties." he said. "It's very expensive." However, Johnson is tipped to be working with paid WiFi service The Cloud, so the service costs will in all likelihood be covered in part by a subscription charge.

Via: thisislondon