London to get free WiFi courtesy of O2

Arriving in time for 2012 Olympics, says O2

Dodgy 3G browsing will soon be a thing of the past, at least if you're a Londoner living in one of three specific boroughs

O2 have announced that they'll be rolling out free WiFi for all in a huge network covering Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, in a joint scheme with Westminster City Council.

The good news is that the WiFi network won't just be free to use, but will also be operated at "no cost to the councils or the taxpayer", according to a spokesperson for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The bad news is that there's still a bit of a wait until the network of WiFi points will be up and running. Installation begins this month, with O2 promising to have the network ship shape by the time the London Olympics arrive in July.

Once it's got Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea sorted, it doesn't look like the rest of London will be far behind: "Our longer-term aim is to expand our footprint of O2 Wi-Fi, which is open to everyone," says O2 Chief Operating Officer Derek McManus, "and also intelligently enhance our services at street level, where people need the network the most."

The end of pricey 3G browsing in the capital? Between that and the volleyball, July's looking pretty good to us.

Source: Crave