Loewe Connect and Art TVs go 3D

Premium tellies get Active 3D makeover

Loewe rolls out updated TVs with 3D conversion smarts.

Loewe’s Art and Connect TVs were already some of the most stunning boobubes we’d seen this year. But now the premium German TV maker has given them a 3D makeover, with three new sets packing three dimensional skills.

The Connect 40, Art 40 and Art 46 each come with active 3D tech built in, allowing you to spy tailor made 3D content, or upscale standard 2D pics. The Connect come with Loewe’s MediaNet and MediaPortal features for accessing web content, while the Art crams in 200Hz picture quality, making it perfect for fast action movies and sports.

Both the Connect and Art come with a built-in hard drive for stashing content, so you can record your favourite shows easily. All of the new Loewe 3D TVs can be snapped up now.

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