Loewe Art 46 LED TV outed

Top-end web connected TV revealed

Get set to pay a fortune for design-led German telly.

Loewe’s new Art 46 LED TV has just been rolled out by the German telly maker. And while its bank balance-bashing £2,395 price tag might grab the headlines, it’s not just about the money. This TV crams in some seriously smart tech, with web connectivity at its heart.

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The Art 46 LED is loaded up with Loewe’s own MediaHome software, so you can stream music, movies and snaps from your PC onto the telly. There’s also a MediaNet feature for snagging online content, including web video and even internet radio.

While the picture promises to be stunning thanks to the 200Hz LED panel, sound is a major feature too, with the Loewe Art 46 LED loaded up with 80W speakers. It’s what tawdry, explosive-laden, late-period Van Damme movies were made for.

At £2,395, there’s no denying it’s pricey. But it certainly looks a darn sight sharper than most TVs out there right now. It’s just a shame there are no 3D skills baked in. For more tech news and stories, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages.