Location-linked mobile apps soon, says Adobe

Smartphones will be able to tell where users are and react

Apps to auto-suggest based on where users are

Adobe chief technology officer Kevin Lynch said the future of the smartphone would be location-based apps, and would notify users of relevant apps when they enter a particular area.

Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit, Lynch demonstrated the technology on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, where he showed how the real and virtual worlds could be linked, where smartphones and tablets could sense where the user is at the time.

The tablet sent a notification as if he was arriving at the Tate Modern, and offered an app for the museum with information about the paintings and exhibits. He was able to order food at the museum's café using the tablet and use it to browse movies in his hotel room.

"There's a strong future for us with this social- and location-based kind of computing enabled by mobile," Lynch said.

Lynch said the demo isn't far away from the capabilities of current technology, already available in Flash and AIR, and demonstrated a chess application running on Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices, with no changes made for each platform.

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