'Liquid metal' iPhone 5 to launch at WWDC in June?

Latest rumour suggests next-gen iPhone will have 'amorphous metal' casing

A redesigned iPhone could see a new liquid metal alloy casing, according to reports in South Korea. The new material could make the handset thinner, lighter and more durable

Apple's next generation iPhone will arrive with a redesigned liquid metal casing, according to reports emanating from South Korea.

The ETNews site, which also predicts a June launch for the iPhone 5, reckons an "amorphous metal" casing will replace the glass on the iPhone 4S and will automatically make the smartphone thinner and lighter and less likely to smash when dropped.

Although on first glance, the report does seem a little out there, Apple has made its intentions to incorporate such technology known in the past.

In August 2010 it signed a "perpetual, worldwide, fully-paid, exclusive license agreement" with the Liquidmetal Technologies giving Apple permission to "commercialise its Intellectual Property," which is really just a fancier way of saying 'stick it in iPhones.'

So with that in mind, there is context for this particular rumour. As for a launch at WWDC in June? Well that actually might be more unlikely aspect of the report. With the iPhone release schedule recently switched from July to October, it's harder to see Apple out another iPhone so soon.

Interestingly the ETNews report also claimed Samsung will also debut new casing technology with the Samsung Galaxy S3, which will be unveiled in London on May 3rd. The site predicts Samsung will unveil a new 'ceramic' design.

Via: Boy Genius Report