Limited edition Nike+ FuelBand Ice announced

New Nike+ FuelBand Ice unveiled as see-through wrist worn fitness tracker

Following on from the recent Nike+ FuelBand UK release date, the US based sports giant has launched the limited edition Ice FuelBand model

Later this month, select locations across London will be carrying the first variation of the innovative sports wristband, Nike+ Fuelband with the limited edition FuelBand ICE landing as the first colourway since the band’s successful launch earlier this year.

Allowing the user to glimpse the product’s interior and see the tech that makes the FuelBand work, the ICE edition’s translucent skin is inspired by the trophy received when the user doubles their daily goal on the FuelBand app.

Nike+ FuelBand Features

The Nike+ FuelBand is far more than a glorified pedometerwith the innovative sports wristband tracking your movement throughout the day in a bid to make you want to be more active.

With an inbuilt three axis accelerometer, the FuelBand measures the activities you’re doing and translates it into one of four metrics: time, calories, steps and Nike Fuel. The latter is something that Nike deems the ultimate measure of your athletic activity. Unlike calories, Nike Fuel is a normalised score that awards all users whatever their physical makeup or athletic preference.

Whether you’re on the commute to work, playing tennis, walking the dog or playing with the kids, the more you move, the more Nike Fuel you earn.

Of course, if you are a calorie-counter, the Nike+ Fuelband allows you to enter your height and weight for an estimated amount of calories burnt right on your wrist.

Every day, the FuelBand can be set to a different goal, where you can specify the amount of activity you expect to do and your Nike Fuel target for the day. As you get closer to your goal, the band’s series of 20 LED lights change from red to green, giving you a visual motivator and clear progress marker.

Download the free iPhone app to wirelessly synch all your activity data and track your progress, or use the built-in USB to upload your stats to the Nike+ website to keep a record of your achievements.

Words: Samantha Loveridge

Nike+ FuelBand ICE Release Date

Nike+ FuelBand ICE will be available from July 27 from London’s Boxpark and the House of Innovation at Selfridges. From August 12, there will be limited availability from

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