LimeWire shuts down music store New Year's Eve

World's biggest p2p network breathes its last

Last domino falls in the LimeWire legal drama.

After over a decade of below-board file swapping, LimeWire, the world's biggest peer-to-peer filesharing network, will be closing up for good on New Year's Eve, when it will shut down its legitimate online music store.

According to a spokeswoman for LimeWire, "as a result of our current legal situation, we have no choice but to wind down LimeWire Store operations".

The announcement comes just two months after US courts outlawed LimeWire's peer-to-peer client, the programme that allowed users to upload and download music, films and software illegally and for free, much to the chagrin of the industries.

The legitimate LimeWire store has already blocked would-be users from creating new accounts, although existing users will still be able to log in and purchase music until the end of the year.

LimeWire's popularity with pirates peaked after the demise of Napster, and waned with the advent of BitTorrent, a method of file-sharing which also took a hit recently with the jailing of the founders of The Pirate Bay, the world's largest torrent site.