LG unveil first officially certified 'Flicker-Free' 3DTV

World's first Flicker-Free 3DTV formally announced

LG to offer Flicker-Free 3D TV thanks to next-gen 3D tech

LG has unveiled its new Cinema 3D TV with the device becoming the first to receive the officially certified “Flicker-Free” 3D TV moniker.

Shown off at a global unveiling in Paris, the new LG Cinema 3D TV feature’s the company’s next generation 3D TV technology and comes equipped with a pair of lightweight, battery-free 3D glasses that combined with the new unit offer users a brighter 3D experience with a wider viewing angle.

“When it comes to watching 3D entertainment for longer periods in greater comfort, Cinema 3D™ is the real deal,” announced Kyung-hoon Byun, Executive Vice President and Head of Overseas Sales and Marketing for LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. Adding to the official unveiling of Flicker-Free 3D Byun added: “We’re eager to show everyone just how exciting our new 3D TVs are and why we’re confident that this will become the 3D TV standard within the near future.”

Touting inbuilt 2D to 3D conversion the new Cinema 3D TVs present users with near endless 3D content cutting out one of the major bugbears for the emerging industry. Ridding the flickering effect that is present in existing 3D TVs, LG’s new system uses a polarized film applied to the device’s screens that delivers images to each eye individually through 3D glasses that do no shutter.

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