LG touchscreen TV outed at IFA 2011

LG adds touch functionality to its latest plasma TV

Of all the announcements at IFA today this has got to be the most unique; LG is releasing a touchscreen plasma TV the PZ850T which lets you 'draw' on the screen

LG has unveiled its first touch enable TV the PenTouch TV or PZ850T which lets you 'draw' on the TV using LG's patented PenTouch technology. By using a digital stylus, the user is able to interact with the TV whether it's drawing, editing, writing or simply using it as another way of interacting with the TV.

Designed to add a new dimension to interactivity using TVs, this large plasma TV lets the user interact with documents produced on their PC through the digital pen provided, the TV will even support more than one pen at a time and can be charged via USB on the back of the television set.

The PenTouch TV is able to communicate with PCs allowing you to print of any work down or transfer it to a desktop, it will also connect to the internet allowing you to download more applications such as photo editing software or drawing apps. Designed to add a new dimension to how we as the public use our TVs the PenTouch will certainly have a place in the education sector, whether it'll kick off in homes remains to be seen.

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LG PenTouch video: Hands-on

Source: T3 Tech Videos