LG to launch Z330 Ultrabook at CES 2012

MacBook Air rival aims to wow at Las Vegas

LG has already entered the Ultrabook market but as yet has kept its only product within that category from being released outside of South Korea, until now

LG will be entering the Ultrabook market this year with the release of its LG Z330 at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas hoping to take on not only the rest of that category but also the MacBook Air.

Boasting some mightily impressive statistics this super-thin laptop will boot up from scratch in around seven seconds and will recover from a closed lid in just two seconds.

Powering this technical slice of genius is the second generation Intel Core i7 processor and a SATA3 Solid State Drive which will run around 11 times faster than most hard-drives.

If that wasn't enough you'll also get a HD 13 inch display and alluminium chasis that gives it a definite premium feel not unlike that of the newly announced Asus Zenbook.

What do you think, is it truly a leader in the Ultrabook market? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...