LG eyeing up Windows 8?

Is LG looking to ditch the Google's mobile operating system?

LG has confirmed that it’s still eyeing up Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform for its own devices, according to the Techradar

The site claims to have insider information that LG’s R&D team is currently working on Windows Phone 8, as well as other options such as HTML 5, for future developments, however, Jong-Seok Park, CEO of LG Mobile Communications, claims the firm is in no rush to ditch the Android OS – yet.

He told attendees at a press conference today: "With regards to our relationship with Google: we'll continue to collaborate with them. With regards to adoption of other operating systems, we don't have any specific platform which we will launch."

His comments follow on from reports earlier today that the firm is in the midst of testing out a 16MP camera sensor for its future smartphone line-up. Coupled with the news above, it’s clear the South Korean manufacturer is looking at ways to reverse its ailing business, which seems to include introducing major developements into its handsets.

As it stands, Nokia is the largest distributor of Windows 8 smartphones, but it could soon be the case that LG - along with the likes of Samsung and HTC - will follow suit in adopting the Microsoft OS once Android's popularity expires.

Via TechRadar