LG Optimus Pad pictures: Hands-on with the LG tablet

LG's new 3D camera touting tablet device gets a workout

Hands-on with the 3D capable LG Optimus Pad

Having been officially unveiled as LG’s first foray into the European tablet market on Monday, the LG Optimus Pad has gone on display at Mobile World Congress 2011.

Hedging its bets between the two leading tablet sizes the Optimus Pad measures in at 8.9-inches across, smaller than the 9.7-inch market leading iPad but larger than the Android favourite, the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab. Touted as being the perfect size for portability, content viewing and comfortable one-handed use, the Optimus Pad does feel a comfortable fit in the hand if perhaps not the sturdiest of devices.

Google’s upcoming tablet-centric Android 3.0 OS, Honeycomb, comes pre-installed on the Optimus Pad with a sleek user experience guaranteed. Further improving the user experience is the speedy 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor that opens up applications without lag or delay.

Key selling point to the LG Optimus Pad is its 3D credentials with a 3D camera and video recorder joining a 3D display. These seemingly impressive specs failed to fully impress during our hands-on with the device, however. Whilst the 3D display required users to wear compatible 3D glasses, unlike its smartphone brethren the recently unveiled LG Optimus 3D, repeated attempts on a number of the available devices failed to launch the 3D video camera function.

Having finally found a unit which allowed for 3D video recording the quality and gimmick factor was somewhat impressive although lacked that killer wow factor that you would expect to come from a 3D capable tablet device. With the Optimus Pad scheduled for release in March we hope that LG irons out these issues with the otherwise impressive gadget.

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