LG Optimus One lands on Three

Million-selling cell rocks up for bargain price

Nab FroYo for just £15 a month.

The LG Optimus One is already the Korean tech cobbler’s fastest selling handset ever, topping the million mark in 40 days. And if you’re still waiting to bite the bullet and nab the bargain bucket Android cell, now’s the time.

Three has just pulled the wrappers off a stunningly cheap deal, which touts the FroYo packing phone for just £15 a month. The two year package will get you 300 minutes/texts and 500MB of internet. Plenty if you’re not a hardcore smartphone fanatic.

The Optimus One packs in stacks of smart features and is one of only a smattering of phones to come preloaded with Android 2.2. We were smitten, giving the nifty little number four stars when we gave it a thorough going over last week.

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Via Eurodroid