LG Optimus One hits a million

FroYo phone breaks figure in just 40 days

Android effort now LG's fastest selling phone ever.

The LG Optimus has already hit the one million mark, just 40 days after its initial release, making it the fastest selling phone in the Korean tech giant’s history.

The Android effort, which crams in the latest FroYo software alongside a 3.2-inch HVGA screen and a pared back 3 megapixel camera, is a bargain blower, but still came out with 4 stars when we put it through its paces.

LG is understandably chuffed, proving that loading up your phones with the up-to-date FroYo pays dividends. Sony Ericsson take note. The Koreans reckon the Optimus One can become LG’s first ten million selling handset. The fact it’s available on 120 networks worldwide suggests they won’t be far off that headline number.

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