LG Optimus Me coming to Orange in the UK

Mid-range budget alternative to Optimus 3D incoming

Budget LG Optimus smartphone coming later this month to UK.

After all the fuss over the LG Optimus 3D and equally exciting Optimus Pad, you'd be forgiven for letting the Optimus Me - a smaller, budget-ier smartphone for those unfussed with all that 3D hoo-ha - slide under the radar.

True, there's nothing outstanding about the Me - it's got a dinky 2.8-inch, 320x480 touchscreen, a paltry 600MHz processor and a mere 3MP of snapping power - but all these shortcomings come at a price, and a very reasonable one at that. So reasonable, in fact, that Orange are bringing it to the UK as a PAYG option for customers uninterested in being locked into two-year contracts to land themselves the all-singing, all-dancing big brother Optimus 3D.

Interested parties don't have long to wait to snag themselves an Optimus Me, which will be out on Orange in the UK by the end of February, with a handset price still to be announced.

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