LG Optimus handsets to come preinstalled with Angry Birds

Angry Birds Rio to come as standard on LG handsets

LG has unveiled today that Angry Birds Rio will be preinstalled on it's upcoming range of phones, namely the Optimus 2X, Optimus Black and Optimus 3D.

“We’re excited to bring one of the most successful mobile games to our customers,” said Yong-seok Jang, Vice President of Business Strategy at the South Korean company. “Angry Birds Rio will help showcase the power, smoothness and speed of LG’s Optimus series of Android smartphones to our customers.”

If you've never heard of the phenomenally popular smartphone game, put simply it’s basic concept is pulling back a bird in a catapult and firing it at structures protecting green pigs. Sounds awful, plays like a dream.

“We’re thrilled to expose the millions of LG customers across the world to the fun and exciting world of Angry Birds Rio,” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Angry Birds developers Rovio. “With more than 20 million downloads to date, Angry Birds Rio’s launch has been our most successful ever, and by pre-loading the game on high-performance LG Android smartphones worldwide, we look forward to even more success in the future.”

Being honest, the announcement from LG is essentially a publicity stunt. With the game being free to download anyway from the Android market the only thing you are saving is time. Still, that’s an extra 10 minutes to play Angry Birds...

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Via: Tech2