LG Optimus Big unleashed

4.3-inch Android phone hits Korean shelves today

LG's biggest phone yet comes crammed with killer specs.

LG has unleashed its biggest ever mobile in Korea today. Dubbed the Optimus Big, it comes rocking a massive 4.3-inch screen which uses LG’s own Nova Display tech, as well as a host of other top-end treats.

Android 2.2 is kicking it under the hood, which means this isn’t quite at the bleeding edge of Google’s smartphone revolution. But it does have a snappy 1GHz processor, HDMI skills, a 5MP camera round the back and Bluetooth 3.0.

Sadly, news on this cell’s arrival on UK shores is MIA. But with so many big time phones already out there, surely LG fancies taking on the likes of Samsung and Sony Ericsson right here in Blighty.

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