LG Optimus 7 owners to get free Windows 7 apps

10 free apps every 60 days for LG WP7 buyers

Hand-picked free apps subsidised by LG and Microsoft.

LG has teamed up with Microsoft to offer 10 of the best Windows Phone 7 apps to LG Optimus 7 owners.

Folks who splash out on the Optimus 7 will get 10 free apps worth up to 30 USD every month via the LG Application Store, with both companies promising a broad selection of apps every 60 days.

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A joint statement from the two companies says that "LG and Microsoft will subsidise a revolving portfolio of hand-picked applications, providing free access to quality applications that take advantage of the unique features and design of Windows Phone 7."

The scheme, which promises top apps, is also aimed to give selected developers platform to market their apps, by offering them for free for the 60 days.

The statement suggests that the partnership will continue should LG release any more WP7 handsets, but right now the Optimus 7 is the only device in the portfolio.

Link: LG