LG Optimus 3D to arrive on 3

Cryptic tweeting reveals inbound 3D 3 smartphone

LG's 3D MWC contender teased for release on 3.

A tweet-person for 3 made the announcement - somewhat cryptically - by posting the message "Something is coming" to the 3 Twitter feed, followed by a link to an Optimus 3D YouTube trailer.

OK, so it's not that cryptic, but 3's Twitter followers chased it up anyway, asking for clarification on whether this meant the LG smartphone - with its dual-video 3D recording on top of its 3D display - was indeed to be sold on the 3 network. To this, 3 responded: "Yes, it's coming to Three".

No further details were wrangled out of the anonymous tweeter, and while no release date has been disclosed, 3 are promising that they "will keep everyone updated".


LG Optimus 3D video

Source: T3 Tech videos


Via: Techwatch