LG officially unveils Optimus Pad Android tablet

LG's throws its hat in the ring with new 3D tablet

LG's stab at the tablet market gets its grand unveiling in Barcelona.

Looks like round two of the tablet war is getting underway, and LG's plucky Optimus Pad is first in the ring.

Sitting comfortably between the iPad's 9.7-inch and the Galaxy Tab's 7-inch screen, the Optimus Tab measures in at 8.9 inches, which LG reckon is big enough to browse and watch movies on, while still being comfortable enough to use one-handed.

While the Optimus 3D phone uses similar glasses-free 3D tech to the Nintendo 3DS, its older tablet brother will require special glasses to be viewed in 3D. However, the Optimus Pad does boast the phone's 3D video recording, as well as full HD playback for videos.

Under the hood, the Optimus Pad runs Android 3.0 Gingerbread - the latest iteration of the Google OS, designed especially with tablets in mind. It also boasts a dual-core 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor to better cope with all that 3D rendering and gaming LG hopes you'll be getting up to.

The Optimus Pad is scheduled to start shipping in March, getting a headstart on the two future heavyweight tablets lurking on the sidelines, the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Apple iPad 2. We reckon it could be a contender, Charlie.

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