LG L-03C retro camera phone outed

Point and shoot style for new Japanese camphone

LG unleashes killer new camera with phone slapped round the back.

Even the cheapest PAYG blower comes with a camera these days. But LG’s latest offering to combine snapping prowess with cellular skills is more a of a phone-camera than a camera-phone.

The L-03C, which has just been unveiled over in Japan, rocks traditional point and shoot looks, with a phone sitting round the back where you’d normally find a viewfinder.

It rocks some half-decent specs too, with a 3x optical zoom (no naff digital effort here), a 12 megapixel sensor and Pentax 1:3.6-5.5 lens too. Phone wise, you’re looking at Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G.

Chuck in HD video and this is definitely one to get off kilter gadget fans going. Sadly though, the L-03C is only up for grabs on Japan’s DoCoMo network, so there’s no chance us British gadget fanatics will get to play nice without heading East.

Via Akihabara News